One thought on “Two Friendly Bees Saving the World – 1a

  1. Dear Peg,
    What an extraordinary series! Your perception of nature and color is amazing. The backgrounds alone are pieces of art so incredibly detailed. The flowers fantastic, every single one in it’s individual construction amazing! The backgrounds and foregrounds do not compete with each other, only compliment. I loved the surprise of hearts in flowers, leaves, four leaf clovers. The entire series evokes joy, love, hope.
    What a wonderful addition to the Children’s Hospital. You are truly gifted.
    I do still love and always will my huge Flower Garden piece from you. When I leave this place for the great beyond you have inspired me to donate it to the Children’s Cancer Hospital.
    My friend Jayne had a great time at your collage workshop. Only wish I could have been there also.
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

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